"I am a teacher at heart. It is my way of serving others and it drives me.

Teachers unlock potential and can help students to see their most noble selves.

Teachers change the world one heart at a time."  -Sensei Adalia

The  Creator of the Black Belt System (BBS™)

Invites You To Join the World Wide team



Thank you for considering our Apprentice Instructor Training program. We are looking for warm, friendly, professional, student-focused, community-oriented individuals to join our team. Apprentices play a special part in the growth of the Aroha Arts Collective community as they will assist Sensei Adalia with dance instruction and tasks related to classes and events.


The Apprentice Training is based on the Black Belt System and students will be trained to teach the lead and the follow for Salsa and Bachata. Those who enter the Apprentice Training will pay a monthly fee which gives them access to the Black Belt System online training library, free entry to any Aroha Arts Collective events, discounts on; merchandise, guest instructor master classes, and for family members.


Our philosophy regarding the training of others is that the sharing of knowledge and experience is critical to the longevity of any organization. We also wish to further the goals of those who have a desire to contribute to society through the arts.


Private Lessons:
  • Sensei Adalia will provide thorough Instructor Training.
  • Sensei Adalia will test Apprentices at each belt level.

  • Sensei Adalia will grant approval for an Apprentice to teach private lessons up to their belt level.

  • *An Apprentice can charge for private lessons and Aroha Arts Collective takes no percentage.


Monthly Socials
  • Sensei Adalia will approach local businesses interested in hosting a Latin Dance event.

  • Sensei Adalia will provide music needed for the social.

  • Sensei Adalia will train Apprentices to teach a 30-minute Intro Lesson

  • *An Apprentice will take ownership of the social and would do all of the marketing and promotion of the event.

  • *An Apprentice will charge for and teach an Intro Lesson at their event and any monies earned goes to them.




From now on, you will address your teacher as Sensei Adalia.


Sensei Adalia’s Contact: 8433042034


Please send Sensei Adalia, via email, the following:

  • Why do you want to be an Apprentice?

  • What are your dance goals for the future?

  • Read THE AROHA WAY and share two principles that resonated with you and why.


Please email Sensei Adalia to find out your monthly Apprentice fee, and how many hours per month you will train PRIOR to answering the questions below VIA EMAIL:


  • Question #1: “How many hours per week do you spend training with your Sensei and fellow Apprentices for your current monthly Apprentice fee?

  • Question #2: If there are five weeks in a month, how much money per hour are you spending to learn how to dance and teach Salsa and make good money on the side teaching privates and small / medium size groups, weddings, parties, dance gigs, and corporate events and YOU keeping 100% the money you earn? (no percentages required to BBS™ nor your Sensei at all)

  • Question #3: What is your telephone number?

Your Apprentice Contract:

Contact Sensei Adalia via email for delivery of your BBS Apprentice Contract.

Once you have read and signed your contract, please text Sensei Adalia a request to receive, via text message, your school’s McCoy online login details (McCoy is the official BBS online Training Library)


Final Tasks:

  • Please contact your Sensei via email or phone to let them know you need Google Docs read-only access to the Official Apprentice Training manual.


Once you have read and agreed to terms inside your Apprentice Contract, please print and sign the last page of your contract, and hand deliver the signed last page only to Sensei Adalia at your first Apprentice Team Training Session.


YOU’RE ALL DONE!! We’ll see you at your first Apprentice Training!