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"I am a teacher at heart. It is my way of serving others and it drives me.

Teachers unlock potential and can help students to see their most noble selves.

Teachers change the world one heart at a time."  - Adalia



Thank you for considering our Apprentice Instructor Training program. We are looking for warm, friendly, professional, student-focused, community-oriented individuals to join our team. Apprentices play a special part in the growth of the Aroha Afro Latin Dance community as they will assist Adalia with dance instruction and tasks related to classes and events.


The Apprentice Training is based on the Aroha Way and students will be trained to teach the lead and the follow for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. Those who enter the Apprentice Training will teach classes, in lieu of paying for the training. Apprentices must show confidence and be knowledgeable at each skill level before they move on or teach classes. There are 15 skill levels that an Apprentice must master and teach after which, they will be a full Instructor and will be compensated. 


Apprentice Instructors will be given a contract that outlines expectations and will include a non-compete clause. Apprentices who finish and become Instructors can teach under the Aroha umbrella at another location. 

Our philosophy regarding the training of others is that the sharing of knowledge and experience is critical to the longevity of any organization. We also wish to further the goals of those who have a desire to contribute to society through the arts.


Apprentices Teach Private Lessons:
  • Adalia will provide thorough Instructor Training.
  • Adalia will test Apprentices at each stage of movement.

  • Adalia will grant approval for an Apprentice to teach private lessons up to the stage of movement they have mastered.

  • *An Apprentice can charge for private lessons and Aroha Afro Latin Dance takes no percentage.




Adalia’s Contact: 8433042034


Please send Adalia, via email, answers to the following:

  • Why do you want to be an Apprentice?

  • What are your dance goals for the future?

  • Read THE AROHA WAY and the 9 Principles of the Aroha Way and share two principles that resonated with you and why.

  • What are the 5 levels of the Aroha Way Dance Progression

  • How committed are you to the possibility of a year of training that will include teaching?

  • What can be barriers to your commitment? How can Adalia and fellow Apprentices support you to overcome the barrier(s)?


Your Apprentice Contract:

Contact Adalia via email for delivery of your Apprentice Contract. Once you have read and signed your contract, please text Adalia.


YOU’RE ALL DONE!! We’ll see you at your first Apprentice Training!

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