Frequently asked questions

Learning is a process.

We start with the simplest, foundation building steps and as students acquire a solid command of the basics their learning accelerates. Patience and understanding are key to learning something new. The most important thing is that you enjoy the challenge of learning something new.

Build on prior knowledge.

We emphasize when students already know a certain skill which removes the fear and mystery from expanding to new skills. Every class builds on prior classes so each week students will get to review and learn something new.

Be in a learning mode.

By staying in a learning mode teachers are constantly improving and by extension, their students are as well. Being in this state of mind changes mistakes into opportunities to learn and every question is welcome.

Have a solid curriculum and syllabus.

All dance classes are rooted in a curriculum that a syllabus is based upon. This creates accountability for our instructors, provides a clear path for learning, and is available to our students

Establish language that speaks to the creator in students.

The words “Sorry” and “I can’t” are seen as detrimental to learning in our classes. Students are encouraged to use language that is positive and framed as a declaration. “I am learning how to lead the cross body.” “I am following the cross body” In our classes, eliminating negative language eliminates negative thought and allows for a shift in the way students approach the process of learning. By stating ” I AM” students declare something to BE and dedicate themselves to the process that gets them there.

Have guiding principles.

The guiding principles of Aroha Arts Collective are Service and Love. Service to one another and members of society is the greatest contribution a person can give. Service looks like collaboration, empathy, and a willingness to share of oneself as a contribution to the beauty of the art form. “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” - Douglas Adams Love is the energy that holds the universe together. It is what creates and binds us. Because it is the essence that we all come from it only makes perfect sense that it is applied in our art and connection. Love looks like patience, encouragement, truthfulness, and dedication by teachers and students alike to help each person reach their potential as an artist. “Aroha is the creative force behind all dreams. Aroha defines great leadership, ensures personal success, and inspires us to go the extra mile. Aroha means Love.” – Makuini Ruth Tai

Refrain from backbiting and gossip.

Speaking badly about others or creating doubt about another's character for the sake of conversation is not welcome in our space. These behaviors create distrust, disunity and are corrosive for community building. In the event that an individual has a concern they are encouraged to speak directly with the other party and/or speak with the program director with a focus on finding solutions.

Etiquette and expectations of conduct.

It is so helpful when everyone knows the rules. When everyone understands that his or her safety is considered. There are definitely behaviors that contribute to the enjoyment of everyone. By communicating etiquette, teaching how to apply etiquette, and holding students to the standards of etiquette creates a space where people know what to expect allowing them to become open and creative.

Become Part of a Community.

The 8 expectations above combine to create an arts community that is positive, welcoming, and encouraging. When you register for your first class you will be given the opportunity to share information about yourself so that we can celebrate milestones in your life outside of class and for instructors to know how best to serve you.