Aroha Dance Collective

Aroha Dance Collective (January)
Jan 05, 2023, 6:30 PM – 6:35 PM
Aroha Afro Latin Dance,
167 N Dargan St, Florence, SC 29506, USA

This class is  not open to the public and is by invitation only. Students will have the opportunity to expand their dance skills. They will grow in confidence through learning advanced steps and combination. 

This class is specifically geared for those dance students who are ready to advance their skills, confidence, and combinations. We will start with conditioning, warm up with basic steps, and then spend the rest of class working on more advanced skills. 

To be invited to join this group potential students must sign up for and complete our 4 week Salsa Fundamentals course. At the close of the course, if you communicate that you want to advance your dance skills, you will do a readiness test with Adalia. If your fundamentals are solid, you will be be invited to join the Aroha Dance Collective.