Aroha Instructional Videos

Aroha Afro Latin Dance is first a dance instruction, student centered dance community that welcomes diversity and whose aim is to use dance as means of building friendships. In 2020, Covid-19 presented us with an unprecedented opportunity to create online instructional videos. Fundamentals through Orange Belt are the first collection of videos we created. 


We plan to live stream our in person classes which will become the foundation of a new collection of online instructional videos. 

Access Fundamentals Day 1 below for FREE.

What Your Monthly Payment Gets You

  • Salsa Course (Detailed Instructions)

  • Live streamed classes

  • Free entry to socials and events at our brick and mortar location.

  • Discount on in person classes if you can join us. ($5 per class)


                                  FUNDAMENTALS DAY 1 (FREE)

How It Will Work


If you want to start our Salsa Instructional course all students start at Fundamentals. You get free access to Fundamentals Day 1. 


1. Pay for access to our online library and receive the password. 

2. Get started in your class.

3. If you are doing our Black Belt Dance system, when you complete a belt level, you will schedule a session with one of the Aroha instructors to do a belt level test to move on to the next belt level. 

4. If you successfully meet the skill level for the belt you are in and pay for access for the next month, you will receive a new password. 

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