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  • DANCE SHOES: Wear street shoes to class. Change to dance shoes in studio.

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  • FREE!! Use our STUDENT MANUALS to follow your progress and to see what is coming next in training. Student manual is online and can be downloaded.

Dance Shoes

                DANCE SHOES

To order shoes, click the button on the shoe you prefer. 

You will be taken to a website to purchase them.

If you prefer doing your own search, there is helpful information below to get you started.


Buy In Studio

Buy In Studio

Q :  How to choose the size of dancing shoes?

A:  The correct way to choose shoes: Dance shoes require higher fit requirements than ordinary shoes. We would like to recommend you that choosing the dance shoes which are one size or more smaller than your usual daily wearing size; And you might will feel a little bit uncomfortable when you first wear them , but after the shoes are bigger, it will be more conducive to dancing.


Q :  How do I choose the soles of dancing shoes?

A:  There are two types of shoe soles: the suede type and the rubber type. The suede bottom, which is softer and could help the dancers have a better foot feeling and dancing more comfortable and relaxed,as well as it's more suitable for professional dance shoes. Rubber-soled shoes add a layer of rubber to the sole, which increases the wear resistance of the sole. Rubber-soled shoes can not only be used for dancing, but also can be worn at ordinary times.


Q:  What is the difference between outdoor shoes and indoor shoes?

A:  Because indoor dance studios usually use smooth wooden floors, and shoes with suede soles can increase the friction that is the reason why we recommend you to choose the dance shoes with suede soles. If you are dancing outside, the shoes with suede soles have high friction, so they are not conducive to spinning when you dancing, and which might make the suede soles more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the rubber-soled dancing shoes for outdoor dancing.

Student Manuals
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