Adding Soul Line Dance In the New Year: Aroha Family Sliders!

I want to build community. I want to build a community of people brought together through dance. I want to transcend the barriers that keep us apart and provide the opportunity for friendships to flourish. Although I have been focusing on Latin Dance events and instruction for years, it has been my dream to expand beyond Latin Dance. I first became aware of Slide dance through a woman I grew up looking up to, Lynn Bryant. I saw the potential for this style of dance to bring people together. It has taken me a few years but I am finally going to make it happen!! In January I will start teaching Easy Peasy and Beginner Slide dance combinations with a focus on Ol' Skool hip hop and R&B. Our first Slide dance event will be on January 27th!! I cannot express how happy I am to be able to begin to focus on slide dance and expanding the dance community!!

I attended my first event representing Aroha Family Sliders on December 5 in Winnsboro SC hosted by Rickie and Beverly Mozie. The energy in the room made me even more excited to get started. Below is a video of one of the slide dances folks did. Just you wait! Very soon Aroha Family Sliders will be sharing our slide dances too!!


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