Self Care Through Dance

Be prepared for magic during the Kizomba Salsa Weekend we will be hosting in Florence, SC the weekend of February 16-18. One of the women coming is someone I absolutely adore and love like a sister. She is energy, love, grace, generosity, and groundedness personified. She is an amazing dance instructor and dancer and what she has truly shown a passion for is self-care. Taking the time to rejuvenate, replenish, love, reconnect with ourselves to be able to give to others and follow the promptings of our hearts in service to others. Anana Harris-Parris will be taking participants through a 2 hour journey of self-care through dance. This is a snippet of a class she offered in Atlanta, where she currently resides.

Register for the weekend using this link:

To learn more about the amazing things she is doing to leave her beautiful mark on the world, checkout her bio:

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