Getting Ready For March & April

I am always at least a month or two in planning for classes and events. I am changing some things as far as payment, dance class schedules, and we have another weekend event in April!!


I will continue to offer classes at affordable pricing with a stricter approach to registration. Payment for classes will occur once every two months with payment and registration scheduled for the week before a 6 week course begins.

I think I have created an easier way for people to see all of the class options and to pay for them. I am introducing "REGISTRATION WEEK" which is when all students ,returning and new, will be expected to register. It is easier to pay rental fees for venues when everyone pays up front and demonstrates their intention to attend class. I can also plan. The Registration Week will show up as an event and registration will close on the end date and time.

I am also now adding a 50% discount for partners when one person paying full tuition. I have been offering couples 2 for 1 pricing for some time. Through consultations with financial advisers and informal conversations with couples, I realized that it is time that I start offering at least reduced pricing for partners.


In FLORENCE, the Kizomba Class will be offered as a once a month 2hr boot camp until we have enough students to meet weekly. The Family Slide Classes will be offered once a month as well until we expand to enough students to support a weekly class.

In MYRTLE BEACH, I am adding a 30 minute Slide class on Thursdays from 6:30-7:00.


In April I will be offering my last guest instructor weekend event for awhile. This event will feature TWO dance styles and THREE instructors. BJ Golliday will be offering workshops in Bachata that will take your dancing to the next level! Loretta Ramsingh and Adalia Ells-Aroha will be offering Kizomba workshops with a very unique approach. More information will be announced at our upcoming Kizomba Salsa Weekender.

Look out for the monthly newsletter which should be coming to you soon!!! Check your SPAM folder if you are not receiving these newsletters and want to! SEE YOU IN CLASS AND ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

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