Our Magical Kizomba Salsa Weekender

This past weekend was full of laughter, learning, some tears, lots of dancing and connecting! Not all things that people think of when they imagine a weekend of dance classes. Aroha Arts Collective specializes in beginner Latin dance lessons in Salsa, Bachata and an African couples dance called Kizomba. Though we offer beginner classes in Florence and Myrtle Beach we also challenge our students by exposing them to other instructors and dance styles. Anana Harris-Parris challenged the participants with a fusion of Salsa rooted in West African movement and posture. She also infused her self-care approach throughout the class. Students got to start from the beginning and progress to improver during Kimberly Nicole's 3hr Kizomba boot camp.

I hope the video below captures even a glimpse of how magical this past weekend was. I am so proud of my students and I look forward to continuing to grow as a community!

*I do not own the rights this song*

Soha Mil Pasos (Kizomba Remix)

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