Dancing As the World Falls Apart

What is the place of art as things begin to fall apart? Where do we go for happiness in the midst of the horrifyingly sad events happening around us? These are the questions that have stayed with me as I have planned, organized, trained, taught, and traveled to dance classes and events between Florence and Myrtle Beach. On these drives I have thought and prayed for my sister in Standing Rock, whose family led the movement that became the Water Protectors. To this day she and her family are under surveillance and are being harassed. On these drives I thought and prayed for my friend who was beaten up by the police for driving while black and not using a turn signal. On these drives I thought, prayed and wept for my dear brother who was killed in New Orleans, a prominent leader in the Black Lives Movement. I felt what I was doing was so trivial. I have friends who are engaged in groundbreaking social movements, relatives that are helping to change communities, heart family that are on the front lines of social action movements and I am teaching Salsa.